Color-Blind Toronto-Based Artist Robert Canali Creates Vibrant Art

 - May 31, 2013
References: robertcanali & featureshoot
Toronto-based artist Robert Canali is color-blind, but he embraces that in his art. While his perception of color is only slightly skewed, he definitely sees color shades differently than most people.

These vibrant works of art are a result of Canali playing around with light and color manipulation. Some of these funky pictures look like they could be Jackson Pollock paintings, the way they are filled with so many flecks of color.

Many of these lively manipulated photographs are filled with interesting geometric shapes and bright, flashy colors. Each of these stunning captures is visually appealing and popping with vibrant shades of color, or dark contrasting shades of greens and blues.

Looking at these fun photographs, it's hard to believe that artist Robert Canali is color-blind. The observer can't help but wonder how he perceives his own art.