Tor Even Mathisen Captures the Beautiful Intracies of the Bug World

 - Apr 7, 2012
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We don't realize how an intricate and alien world exists right beneath our feet, but the insect society is truly a fantastic and mesmerizing place as we can see from Tor Even Mathisen's short video aptly named 'Insects.' The video captures the elaborate behavior of a variety of different insects at an extremely focused and magnified level. The beauty is immediately apparent as we are both mesmerized and perhaps slightly frightened while witnessing something so foreign and yet it occurs around us every day.

When enlarged, we can appreciate the astounding complexities of the insect anatomy. Tor Even Mathisen's photography illustrates how something as simple as movement or eating can be both beautiful and enchanting. Although 'Insects' is a compelling short, it does make me thankful that bugs are the size that they are, otherwise beauty might give way to paralyzing fear.