The Tor Dahlin 'Dots' Images are Illusive

 - Apr 10, 2012
References: photographyserved
Artist Tor Dahlin's 'Dots' collection presents a series of highly illusive images, all of which are strewn with dashes of an electric blue shade. The images feature the kind of domestic backdrops that would likely be found within any urban setting -- corporate buildings, large-scale apartment divisions, and metal-tinged bike racks -- and while these settings may be commonplace, the illustrations have all been expertly faded, creating a rather eerie feel.

The most remarkable factor of the Dahlin Dots series is the splicing in of small blue droplets. The speckled dots of bright color are quite minuscule, and may be easily overlooked by someone unaware of their presence. His mastery of this mysterious motif has buttressed this Norwegian artist's undeniable talent.