Tooth Fairy Payouts Down 10% Due to Recession

 - Mar 7, 2009
References: cbsnews
You know things are getting bad when even losing a tooth doesn’t get you what it used to. The Tooth Fairy is evidently now short on cash, as payouts to children are down about 10% over last year’s sum.

Last year, the average lost tooth garnered $2.09, whereas this year it only brings $1.88.

Dental companies Securian Dental and DeCare have been polling commercially insured members for over 10 years about how the Tooth Fairy practices her craft.

It seems that this year the higher scale of around $5 dollars has drastically declined, and $1 a tooth has become the norm (on average). The range of payouts per tooth has been from 5 cents to up to $40 a tooth over the 10-year period.