Be Sure to Send the Right Message with the ToneCheck Email Editor

 - Dec 31, 2010   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: tonecheck & bookofjoe
Did you know that studies show that 50% of our emails are read incorrectly due to misinterpreted tone and emotion? With the help of the ToneCheck Email Editor, you can convey your messages more precisely.

This simple e-mail plug-in works like an emotional spell-check, offering you alternatives to the tone of what you write before clicking the send button. Unintentionally negative phrases and potential conflicts can be avoided with the ToneCheck Email Editor.

Implications - Despite the way most people flippantly write emails, they are very real form of communication and lead to tangible consequences, so minding our manners online is key. With this in mind, services that help us maintain etiquette, register and otherwise manage our online communiques are of immeasurable importance and will likely stay in demand until online social conventions change.