The Tombolo Sectional Allows for Infinite Floor Plan Flexibility

 - Mar 6, 2014
References: hightoweraccess & yankodesign
The Tombolo Sectional, which is named after an island that has become attached to a mainland by way of a narrow stretch of land. From there, that island can become bigger or smaller depending on environment, the Tombolo Sectional plays on that versatility, but in a more deliberate manner. Hailed for its allowance of infinite floor plan flexibility, it is a smart seating option perfect for many public spaces including lounges and foyers.

Designed by MostModest for HighTower, the Tombolo Sectional it has a modern minimalist aesthetic that is complemented with a sleek metal and wood base. It also comes with integrated side tables for added functionality. The Tombolo Sectional is available in a number of colors.