Tom Littleson Illustrates Brutally Morbid Individuals

 - Mar 5, 2011
References: akadilly & beautifuldecay
It's a good thing these Tom Littleson portraits are just sketches -- I'm not sure anyone could handle these images if they were actually real.

Despite the flesh-ripping mutilation aspect of Tom Littleson's illustrations, the subjects aren't actually zombies. Instead, Littleson features masochistic average Joes who either have serious self-esteem issues or just enjoy pain in general. While these sketches are in black and white, the brutally morbid nature of these individuals are portrayed by highlighting drips of blood with red. It further enhances the mutilating self-sustaining injuries that you really don't want to see but can't look away from.

Tom Littleson's work may be disturbing to some, but it's really hard to ignore due to its wonderfully strange appeal.