The Tom Howes Urinal Silkscreens are Full of Fun

Making punchy patterns from the most surprising of places, these Tom Howes Urinal Silkscreens are an unexpected gem. The Michigan-based artist often works to subvert seriousness. However, in this case he takes on toilet humor and makes it suitable for public consumption.

The gentleman's washroom does not seem like the most inspiring location. Yet, for Howes it truly worked out as a jackpot for finding a design pattern to print. This collection shows that standing up to pee has its benefits.

The patterns can be shockingly deemed pretty, which is the antithesis of taking a leak on a urinal cover splattered with pee. But there is more to this work than fun. In playing with expectation and reality, Howes postulates that, "we learn that the obvious often remains subjective."