Skander Khlif Documents Vibrant Tokyo Lights and Candid City Scenes

 - Aug 3, 2016
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Skander Khlif is a photographer based in Munich, Germany, who has a talent for generating visual stories, especially in his recent project that showcases the contrasting hues of Tokyo lights and other vibrant scenery.

While travelling the Japanese city, Skander Khlif took advantage of the diverse and energetic atmosphere that the urban jungle offers -- showing inanimate objects as lively characters and human subjects with a candid eye. With this, Skander Khlif offers viewers an intimate insight of daily life in the city, allowing the Tokyo lights to illuminate each figure with a vibrant narrative that's uniquely attributed to the bustling urban setting.

Although the project takes the busy nature of Tokyo into account, Skander Khlif is careful to focus on individual components in many photos, giving the images a highly personal and poetic quality.