Tokyo Adorned by Thomas Card Captures Cartoonish Street Styles

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: thomascard & neatorama
There is nothing new about the Harajuku street style fad, yet Tokyo Adorned by Thomas Card, a photographer based in New York City, captures it in a different light. Instead of being shot in their natural habitat, the distinct look of these Harajuku girls were placed in studio against a stark white backdrop. By doing so, their outrageous outfits stand out even more.

Whether a riot of colors and textures or revolving around a specific theme, Tokyo Adorned by Thomas Card documents an impressive range of styles. It is through this basic studio shoot that allows people to really take in all of the different levels of each outfit. There are so many layers that people will be left scratching their heads and wondering how long it takes to be get dressed.