The Tokai Challenger Looks Like a Futuristic Surf Board

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: neatorama
Randomly present an image of the Tokai Challenger to someone and the chances of naming what it is will be slim to none. A foolproof bet if there ever was one, the Tokai Challenger is a race car. Of course, it is no ordinary race car. The reason it could be likened to a futuristic surf board is that its wide surface has been covered with solar panels. In place of fuel and other typical energy sources, the Tokai Challenger is powered by the sun.

Built by students from the Tokai University in collaboration with Japanese automotive companies, the Tokai Challenger race car may not be ready for the Indy 500, but it did win the Australian World Solar Challenge, a 1,877-mile race, twice.