Die Kulterelle by Tita Berlin is Practical, If a Little Perplexing

 - Jan 31, 2010
References: tita-berlin.de & designspotter
I found the description of this bag particularly confusing (see excerpt), so I decided to do some digging on the website. That was going well until I realized that the website is in German. However, I was able to piece together a couple things.

The Die Kulturelle (Cultural Bag, there’s a name for you) is made by design company Tita Berlin, which is based in Germany. The bag is waterproof, and they expect you to carry things like shampoo in it. Even though it looks like a lunch bag, they don’t appear to expect this use (even though I might recommend it).

The colorful toiletry sacks are available from the Tita Berlin site. Toiletry sacks would be very useful for students living in a college dorm (don’t forget your flip flops) and individuals who travel to hotels a lot. Toiletry sacks! Das wunderbar!