The T-Mobile Camera Phone Chart Looks at the Increased Usage of Cellphones

 - Aug 20, 2012
References: facebook & thatericalper
The T-Mobile camera phone chart looks at the contrast between the 1960s and 2012. In the 1960s people expressed themselves with their attire, whereas today's youth build connections through their smartphones.

Cameras were also predominantly used before the rise of the cell phone; however, nowadays many people don't carry cameras around, as the feature is available on their handset. This chart examines this phenomena in relation to music concerts.

According to this study, 53 percent of respondents use their phone as a camera, while 47 percent also engage in purchasing concert tickets and texting friends during the show. Also, 32 percent of respondents Tweet or update their Facebook status as well.

Due to the convenience of having technology right at our fingertips, it has allowed for people to take more photos and communicate more often.