The 'T.Jacket System' is a Reassuring Tech-Enabled Device

 - May 24, 2013
References: bitrebels & psfk
The 'T.Jacket System' is a device that can be worn by a child that is connected to an Android smartphone app and can give the feeling of a hug from afar. The suggested use for this technology is for parents to monitor their children's stress levels and remotely send them a hug when their stress levels hit a certain point.

The way that parents are to be made aware of their children's stress levels is from the jacket itself, which can monitor activity rates. Research behind hugs reveals that the feeling of a hug can majorly reduce stress. Creator James Teh sees the T.Jacket System as being a potential major breakthrough for autistic children as many of them "suffer from sensory processing difficulties that make them hypo or hyper-sensitive to external stimuli like loud noises and unfamiliar faces and objects," something the T.Jacket System could help with from afar.