Nexavar Likens Its Facial Tissues to the Soft Comfort of Clothing

 - Mar 21, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
Art and humor are two of the ways that Nexavar's tissue packaging designs stand out. Despite being small and colorless, the quirky designs are certainly eye-catching.

Because these products must remain wrapped until they are ready for customer use, the brand was challenged with coming up with a way to communicate the softness that its tissues deliver. Cleverly, the brand crafted a design that makes it seem like its tissues are dressed in garments like underwear, shirts, watches and bras. As these are all items that come in direct contact with the skin, these anthropomorphic designs offer fun ways to compare the feel of tissues to comfortable items that are worn every day. With the changing seasons, it's also easy to imagine lines that are created specifically for winter when bundling up for cold season is required.