T!ntalize by Allyson Carey is Makeup for Tired Tootsies

 - May 9, 2009
References: tintalize & nymag
Allyson Carey's line of T!ntalize makeup is specifically geared towards tired tootsies. It's essentially foundation for your feet, and claims to even out your skin tone and hide veins, blisters and other discolorationsâ€"just like the makeup you wear on your face.

Why not just apply concealer for your face on your feet? Allyson Carey says that T!ntalize contains double the pigment, and it's formulated to last all day long. Who knew?

Implications - While at first i was a little bit skeptical about the idea of concealer for feet, Allyson Carey’s line of T!ntalize makeup has actually changed my mind. I know a ton of girls that are going to be very appreciative of this innovation, and maybe even a few guys!