The 'Thought I Was Awake' Photos by Ting Cheng are Surreal

 - Aug 22, 2012
References: flickr & flavorwire
Taiwanese artist Ting Cheng has been shooting a series of photographs involving people sleeping in peculiar positions. The series, entitled 'Thought I Was Awake,' seems to escape reality.

Ting Cheng is a London-based photographer who captures figures that appear to be sleeping or floating amidst contemporary landscapes. Some of the positions that these people are in give the photos a very dream-like feel, almost as if you yourself are in a dream state. One such photograph is one with a girl who is perched atop a shelf. She seems to just hang there, suspended in time.

When asked about her sleeping portraits, Ting said that "this series of photographic documentation was the tangible manifesto of my somewhat elusive state of existence."