The 'Time for Tea' Infographic is Simmering in Details

 - Jun 24, 2012
References: dailyinfographic
If you enjoy a good cup of Earl Grey with bite-sized sandwiches, the 'Time for Tea' infographic delves into the history behind this age-old activity. Tea is one beverage universally consumed by people from around the world.

Although afternoon tea and high tea may all sound the same, there are notable differences, starting with the table. Afternoon tea is typical served on a low table, while high tea as you may have guessed it, is served at a high table. High tea is also served closer to dinner time, where afternoon tea is served between 2-5 pm. While many consider high tea an aristocratic activity, it was originally developed by the lower-middle class as a dinner time substitute.

The 'Time for Tea' infographic is an interesting visual overview of the history and etiquette behind this universal refreshment.