The Conceptual 'Tilt' Wireless Charger by Rob Shudra is Chic

 - Nov 8, 2018
References: yankodesign
The wireless charging pad is quickly becoming a mainstay part of the desktop, so the conceptual 'Tilt' wireless charger identifies what's being done to make them as stylish and chic as possible to make the change easier for users.

Designed by Rob Shudra, the charger boasts a subtle aesthetic that is free of buttons and features only a singular wire that extends out of the back. The top of the unit is tilted towards the user and covered with silicone to prevent the device from slipping when being charged.

The 'Tilt' wireless charger has a discreet LED integrated into the middle of the top section to subtly let the user know it's ready for use. The demure design of the unit makes it suitable for use with any Qi-enabled device.