Tilt Sound Employs an Oblique Approach to Reading CDs

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: behance.net
It was exciting when CD players were being designed so that the listener could see the spinning discs inside, but Tilt Sound offers an even more novel visual experience. Diach Seo has conceived what is possibly the world's most minimal looking media machine out of what appears to be a solid block of concrete.

No buttons are discernible on the cold stony exterior of the device and the album does not even fully penetrate Tilt Sound's hard surface. Only about a quarter of the CD's area is slotted within the entertainment system at any one time, spinning at a great speed with little indication of the mechanics behind it.

Despite the absolute simplicity of Tilt Sound, there is plain evidence of the creator's interest in aesthetics. The perfectly straight and smooth cuts of the brick and the skewed incision of the reader slit make this electronic into an elegant sculpture.