Tilda Swindon is the Face of Pringle's Menswear Line

 - Feb 23, 2010
References: stylefrizz & 00o00.blogspot
We've seen the rise of guy-liner and man-corsets but now British actress Tilda Swinton takes on the role of a man as the face of Pringle of Scotland's menswear line.

The classic British brand may even be the first to cast a woman as the face of a menswear collection and though I love Tilda Swinton, I can't help but wonder what effects this choice may have on Pringle's sales. Perhaps men are more willing to associate with Tilda Swinton's quirky look than I give them credit for.

Maybe Pringle saw how successful Tilda Swinton was in the role of the genderless Angel Gabriel in the thriller Constantine?