Record Your Favorite Events in the Ticket Stub Diary

 - Nov 29, 2011
References: uncommongoods & theawesomer
Like most music fans, I like to keep tickets of the shows I've been to as memorabilia, and while all have found a home on the wall, the Ticket Stub Diary is a more organized option.

The Ticket Stub Diary is a photo album designed specifically for tickets. The interior has several sleeves that hold different sized vouchers for the user's convenience. There's also a margin on the side that lets the individual jot down any memories they have of their favorite concert, sports games or any other event that deserves to be preserved in writing.

The Ticket Stub Diary provides a great option to hang on to tickets of any show that has a soft spot in your heart. Besides, it'll be a lot better than sticking them on a wall.