The Tianjin Ecocity by Steven Holl Relieves Dense Chinese Cities

The Tianjin Ecocity is purported to relieve the dense population in Bohai Bay, China. Designed to be the new home for 350,000 inhabitants, it has a futuristic aesthetic that is appropriate considering its newbie status. Steven Holl Architects has been tapped to design the first two buildings for the Tianjin Ecocity: the Museum of Ecology and the Planning Exhibition Hall.

Following the concept of Yin and Yang, these two building in the Tianjin Ecocity will have an inverse relationship. The museum will have an additive presence while the hall will have a abducted one. The museum will be organized into three 'ecologies': Earth to Earth, Earth for Humans and Earth to Cosmos. The hall will have a more traditional layout.