The Thunderspace App Places You in the Middle of a Thunderstorm

 - Jul 10, 2013
References: & coolhunting
Immersing you completely in a thunderstorm, the Thunderspace app uses stereoscopic 3D audio to let you experience a wild storm without the danger. The iOS app works to imitate a storm through your headphones.

Unlike traditional recordings, Thunderspace's sounds lets you experience a storm as if you were there. The app's developers used a special microphone to capture every intricacy of a thunderstorm in full 3D detail. As a result, the app makes you feel like you're encapsulated in a storm. In addition to pumping out amazing sounds, Thunderspace also imitates lightning. The app makes your phone screen flash to fully immerse you in the storm experience.

The Thunderspace app is currently available through the App Store. Purchasing the app will give you two recordings to play with. Additional recordings can be purchased after downloading the app.