Thomas Brown Imperfect Circles Captures Clumsy Curves

 - Sep 22, 2012
References: thomasbrownstudio.tumblr & itsnicethat
The Thomas Brown Imperfect Circles project, created in collaboration with set designer duo Lightning + Kinglyface, is a photography collection that celebrates the beauty found in flaws. Named '2-(y-b)2=r2' after the mathematical formula of a circle, this project looks at rough circle-shaped creations in different mediums.

Even if one could create a completely precise circle, such perfection never lasts long in this world, especially as everything is impacted and altered by surrounding influences. That is why Thomas Brown and Lightning + Kinglyface do not try to capture perfection, rather they use unusual materials such as milk, sugar, smoke and glitter to create purposefully distorted round shapes that are appealing because of their imperfections.

The Thomas Brown imperfect circles project demonstrates the inherent beauty of the messy and ever-changing world.