The Thermochromic Urinal by Matrix Agents Puts Fun into Peeing

 - May 6, 2011
References: & gizmodo
Naturally, small boys often enjoy potty training more than girls, and with the Thermochromic Urinal, big boys can be reminded of the fun to be had when taking aim.

Picture one of these heat-sensitive murals lining one side of a public washroom. With a basin down below, the installation allows full-bladder users to step up and make a splash. Where some cool water may continuously run over the surface of the panel, the second a warmer fluid makes contact, the color of the backdrop is instantly erased of a deep blue hue and replaced with neon orange. Not being male, I can only imagine the fun one could have and the art he could make on his first trip to the restroom after a few pints of beer in his belly.