The Thermo-Chromic Selvedge Jeans Won't Let Wearer's Hide a Fart

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: nakedandfamousdenim & psfk
Canadian denim brand Naked and Famous is not shy about creating playful products, the latest being the Thermo-Chromic Selvedge Jeans. First they came up with glow-in-the-dark denim that addressed sight, then they preceded to design scratch-and-sniff pants that centered on smell and now they are focusing on the sense of touch. Essentially, the Thermo-Chromic Selvedge Jeans react to different temperatures to change color.

Part of the label's 'Weird Guy' collection, the Thermo-Chromic Selvedge Jeans doesn't mean it is reserved for just weird guys. In fact, the patterns created due to its heat sensitivity are rather visually appealing. Not to mention that each time they are worn, they have the potential of looking like a new pair of jeans. People just need to be careful where they put their hands.