This Themed Monopoly Game Mixes the Classic with 'Fallout 4'

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: hasbro & thinkgeek
There have been massive amounts of different themed Monopoly versions to keep the classic game fresh, with one of the latest including a version based on the post-apocalyptic video game 'Fallout 4.'

The board game incorporates the characters and settings from the video game set in the future after a nuclear war nearly destroyed the planet. As Fallout 4 leaves more than one ending open to its players, a translation into a themed Monopoly version fits.

The game includes six collectible character and weapon tokens that are coated with a rough finish to mirror the video game's harsh environment. Players explore Fallout 4 areas as they progress, such as 'Vault 111,' 'Rivet City, 'Arroyo' and 'Necropolis.' Despite the board game's scary theme, players 8-years-old and up are welcomed to participate in the collector's edition.