The Whaletone Lets You Play the Songs of the Sea

 - May 1, 2011
References: whaletone & neatorama
I am kicking myself now harder than ever for not learning how to play the piano after seeing the Whaletone. The Whaletone, as its name alludes, is inspired by whales and was designed by Robert Majkut.

The idea for the Whaletone came to Majkut during a dream in which he saw a variety of large fuzzy shapes and a grand piano. It wasn't until some time and many sketches later that Majkut came up with the idea for the Whaletone.

I can't accurately describe the Whaletone from a pianist's point of view, but from the position of a design aficionado and friend to all whales, I can safely say that this design rocks. Big time. The piano is so elegant and smooth, much like whales in real life. If you're interested in ordering your own Whaletone, you are in luck: Majkut is currently accepting custom orders.