The WaterLilly Uses Algae for a Multitude of Uses

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: cesaregriffa & psfk
The WaterLilly is a strange piece of tech, because it re-imagines the relevancy of a once overlooked plant. The plant in question is algae, and the WaterLilly is looking to turn algae into a source for a multitude of different things.

Nobody really thinks of algae in a useful way. Many see it and instantly clean it because it is fogging their fish tanks. Many even buy algae eaters to keep their fish sanctuaries sparkling clean. Cesare Griffa has been keeping a keen eye on the gooey plant however and sees algae as a potential source of food, energy and light.

The Waterlilly’s are to be brought into the home and will work in conjunction with one another. They must be "fed" mineral salts, sunlight and carbon dioxide. While algae won’t be replacing your favorite meal anytime soon, it will still be a point of energy production and who knows down the road, the option is there.