The Dustin Cohen the Shoemaker Documentary Looks at Catalfumo

 - Apr 2, 2013
References: vimeo & gizmodo
Dustin Cohen's The Shoemaker documentary examines the life of 91 year old Frank Catalfumo. Catalfumo is based in Brooklyn where he has long run a shoe repair shop, hence his recognition as an icon in the city.

Central to Cohen's project is its soulful feel. Catalfumo recounts his life in short, explaining how he first got into the industry in the fourth grade. He continued with his practice after World War II, opening his own store which he still runs to this day. His account is also provocative, speaking to a time past when craftsmanship and talent was essential to success. And given his own personal expertise, it is no wonder that he has kept his business running for so long.