'The Shed' Employs Open Infrastructure to Change on Demand

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: theshed.org & fastcodesign
Architects strive to create buildings that don't prescribe usage based on their form, but the monolithic stasis of building by nature automatically prevents that for being fully realizable -- unless the building is 'The Shed,' a new project under construction in NYC. The entire building is modular, allowing it to be literally restructured based on the needs of the people using it.

The Shed's design consists of two parts. On one side, there will be four stories, each of which will be entirely open space throughout which pop-up walls can be quickly added. The other side is either a courtyard or a humongous covered arena, depending on whether or not a sliding rooftop extension is rolled out. This sometimes-covered area will have space for up to 3,000 people standing or 1,250 people seated.