Magdalena Bors' The Seventh Day Displays Cramped Spaces

 - Mar 22, 2013
References: magdalenabors & mymodernmet
Photographer Magdalena Bors' The Seventh Day series depicts a series of bizarre, cramped and at base, surreal domestic spaces. While standard rooms are featured, seen in wooden doors and clothing racks, these are rendered obscure with ginormous stacks of paper and piles of leaves.

Bors draws his inspiration from the connection he draws between homes and the outdoors, ""I am fascinated by the simultaneous strength and fragility of this connection...spending most of our time within the confines of the small compartments we call home."

It follows that the outdoors have been pulled inside in his images via his infusion of fish, moss, leaves, trees and flowers into his pictures. And while he takes from various environmental elements, chaos remains consistent throughout.