The Qube 3.0 Protects Computers by Separating a User's Sites

the Qube 3.0 is an updated version of the 'Qubes 3.0-rc1' computer operating system. This computer-protecting system works by separating the user's browser searches into categories. This compartmentalization means that if someone tries to hack the software, they might be able to breach one browser category, but not all of them.

The Qube 3.0 "applies the infosec adage, assumes a breach and compartmentalizes accordingly," which is why the system can protect social media and bank information under two separate areas. This brand uses the phrase "security by Isolation" as a guiding term for its operating functions. The process of isolating each search category decreases the risk of someone's computer being hacked.

As the system continues to advance, the brand will incorporate a version that is more user-friendly. The current system requires the input of someone with an IT background in order to fully understand and operate the system in a functioning manner.