The PreVue from Melody Shiue is a Portable Ultrasound

 - Mar 18, 2011
References: tuvie
Expectant mothers who want to monitor their baby 24/7 are going to love the PreVue. The PreVue is a belt with a built-in video screen, designed to give a pregnant woman a one-way peek at her baby anytime she'd like.

The PreVue lets you see your baby sleeping, kicking, yawning and doing everything else it is that unborn babies do. The PreVue is designed to increase a parent's bond with their unborn child by letting them watch their newborn-to-be grow from the comfort of their own home.

I think a gadget like the PreVue could do very well if it hit the market, considering how pregnant women would probably pay handsomely to be able to see their babies whenever they pleased.