From Morbid Album Art to Sumptuous Splatter Packaging

 - Nov 7, 2011
These Damien Hirst pieces illustrate the astounding range of work this modern artist icon has given to the world. Defying convention, Damien Hirst is at once a controversial figure, while still maintaining the reputation of a corporate design golden boy. Hirst demonstrates effectively that these two labels are most certainly not mutually exclusive.

The prolific artist has worked with such corporate heavy weights as Louis Vuitton and Audi to create cutting edge promotional work for these renowned companies. Perhaps, Hirst's reputation of generating controversial buzz is why these well-known brands flock from miles around to have their products designed by this artists. Following the old adage that all publicity is good publicity, these important companies utilize Hirst's work to earn a few show-stopping headlines, and transform predictable labels into cutting-edge and adventurous alternatives to the rest of the humdrum marketplace.

Utilizing everything from complex gem work to unrestrained splatter aesthetics that would make Pollock proud, these Damien Hirst pieces all have the uncanny ability to cut through the numbing corporate noise and cause a stir.