'The Phone Bed' is a Bed Frame and Mattress for Storing Smartphones

 - Dec 2, 2016
References: shop.thriveglobal & theverge
Beyond being a playful and surprisingly stylish charging terminal for one's smartphone, 'The Phone Bed' is meant as a metaphor. Designed by Thrive Global, a health and well-being store that sells a variety of items, The Phone Bed is a miniature bed frame and mattress that can store users' smartphones for the night.

Ostensibly, The Phone Bed seems like a silly personification of one's smartphone -- a testament to consumers' obsessions with their mobile devices. However, the meaning behind the decor is deeper than that. If one were to accept the device personification line, it would mean that tucking one's smartphone into the phone bed would be like putting it to sleep. And it's both rude and annoying to wake someone up while they're sleeping. As such, the phone bed is an allegorical method of getting users to put their phones away for the night.