‘The Pencil Sharpener Ventilator' Video Showcases New Inventio

 - Dec 11, 2011
References: vimeo & designcollector.net
I had no idea that this ‘The Pencil Sharpener Ventilator’ video was promoting the nifty appliance created by Mathias Nosel and his friend Sabrina Mairinger. I was too entranced by the video’s ultra hip, all-white presentation and catchy tunes to pay attention to anything the video was actually trying to convey. After the excitement died down, I learned that there’s an even more fascinating story surrounding The Pencil Sharpener Ventilator video.

First off, yes, there is indeed a Pencil Sharpener Ventilator in existence and it was made using an old electronic fan and adding a pencil sharpener to the direct center of the appliance. Nosel, its inventor, claims the hybrid device is, "The Most Ingenious Invention After the Wheel." With a video that spiffy, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one, though I currently can’t afford the $400,000 price tag.