The 'Orcam' Reads Out Text for the Visually Impaired

 - Jun 9, 2013
References: orcam & psfk
Using object recognition technology, an Israeli company has built a text-reading camera called the 'OrCam.' The camera is mounted on a pair of glasses where it can see for the visually impaired. Using bone-conduction technology, the OrCam reads out text and signs so that the blind have an easier time getting around.

In addition to signs, the OrCam can also read other text. Newspapers, books and bus numbers can all be processed through the camera. As a result, the system gives the blind back the ability to interpret the visual world again.

Though the system was built for text, it is also able to recognize faces and objects. This means that OrCam users can store the image of something or someone for future recognition. Objects can be added to the system by waving your hand at the item in question.