The Ocean Cleanup Concept Could Eliminate the Oceanic Garbage Patch

The ocean cleanup system called Marine Litter Extraction created by 19-year-old inventor Boyan Slat is an eco concept with potential. The ultimate goal of the marine system is to extract 7,250,000,000 KG of plastic from the ocean in just five years per gyre. The lofty goals of the young inventor are possible and in trail right now. Oceanic garbage patches are a major environmental issue. The amounts of debris, plastic and filth floating around in the ocean affects its inhabitants and inevitably humans. A solution for the eco problem is imperative.

The ocean cleanup system is designed to eliminate oceanic waste with floating booms instead of nets that cover large areas. The no-mesh booms mean that even smaller particles will be captured. The ocean cleanup system is solar powered, so it's super eco-friendly as well. The project is also potentially profitable with the collection and reselling of the plastic gathered from the ocean. Let's hope Boyan Slat's invention becomes a reality and not just a beautiful eco-friendly concept.