The 'Nursing Your Sweet Tooth' Infographic Examines an Addiction

 - Sep 1, 2012
References: mindbodygreen & pinterest
An average American consumes 765G of sugar every five days, and this is just one of the astounding facts contained in the 'Nursing Your Sweet Tooth' infographic. More so than in past years, Americans have increased their sugar intake by a substantial amount. This sugar-binging behavior has been linked to health problems and preventable diseases in previously healthy citizens.

Almost yearly, Americans consume 130lbs of sugar combined to 1820 when yearly sugar consumption was a mere 20lbs. If one was to calculate the amount of sugar consumption in the span of a lifetime, the grand total would be a whooping 3,550 pounds or 1,767,900 Skittles. This extreme jump toward cavity-inducing behavior is most likely caused by the soft drinks and candies individuals consume on a daily basis.

With the information in the 'Nursing Your Sweet Tooth' infographic, hopefully people will think twice before unwrapping a candy bar or taking another drink of sugar-saturated soda pop.