This Infographic Shares Facts About the Millennial Generation

 - Jul 10, 2013
This intriguing infographic was created by the company Scarborough to shed some light on the millennial lifestyle. This infographic features a lot of interesting information with regards to how millennials spend their time and how they interact with social media and technology.

Unsurprisingly, this infographic reveals that millennials enjoy spending their spare time roaming around on the Internet. Millennials consider themselves to be extremely sociable, so it's not shocking that they spend a considerable amount of time connecting and sharing with friends on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Millennials also consider themselves to be the first among their fellow employees to test out new forms of technology.

This fact filled infographic reveals that millennials are (for the most part) eco-friendly, Internet savy, driven individuals who are constantly pushing forward and thinking about the future.