The Lumenoise by Niklas Roy Draws Light Patterns on Old Television Screens

 - Nov 12, 2011
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Unlike new flat screen television screens, the old cathode ray tube televisions (CRT-TV) created images in the form of light emitted from the fluorescent screen, and the Lumenoise pen manipulates that light output to make works of art. Turning these old CRT-TVs into canvases, the Lumenoise pen is quite a creative invention.

Developed by Niklas Roy during his residency at the digital culture institution La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, the Lumenoise pen essentially paints abstract geometric patterns and sounds directly onto the screens.

Roy has provided all of the codes and schematics for the Lumenoise pen on his website so that anyone with the know-how can replicate it for their own artistic purposes. If you make it, people might regard you as a modern-day magician.