The LadderLimb Offers a Convenient Method to Hang and Hold Supplies

 - May 7, 2014
References: amazon & gearhungry
Balancing atop a ladder is already a challenging task onto itself, add on the need to carry up supplies and you're in for a real disaster, which is why the LadderLimb is here to help with its attachable handle.

With both hands often required to make your way up a ladder, managing a paint can or roller at the same time will surely make falling off imminent. The LadderLimb however, offers a way for individuals to easily maintain their balance while simultaneously having access to supplies and necessities. Designed as a rubber pole that can be easily fitted into the rung of any ladder, the LadderLimb features a carabiner at one end that can easily hold and carry a bucket or paint supplies.

The LadderLimb will definitely give peace of mind to any handyman concerned about potential hazards.