The Haze is a Sparkling Soft Drink in an Entirely Black Bottle

 - Feb 29, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
The Haze is a Polish sparkling soft drink boasting an entirely blackout bottle design, save for three tiny, emblem-shaped white logos. The first reads the brand's name, while the second reads "0% alcohol" and the third reads, "100% chill." The unique beer-branded soda beverage is sure to confuse shoppers at first glance, but the informative notes will set things straight.

Designed with designated drivers and general non-drinkers in mind, the Haze is a soda that looks like a beer when you are drinking it, making it a great option for sober drivers looking to avoid questions about their can of soda.

Based in Sopot, Poland, the Haze is an innovative brand looking to fill a growing category: those who avoid alcohol but are looking for something to help them unwind.