The ‘Electric Moon’ Company Crafts Brilliant Light-Up Marquee Signs

‘The Electric Moon’ is an American company that manufactures eye-popping vintage light-up signage inspired by American carnival culture. The company has a variety of existing sign shapes onto which custom words and messages can be printed.

The striking marquee signs are handmade in the USA. Each sign is crafted out of rough-hewn wood which is hand-painted, distressed and wrapped in a painted, distressed metal frame. They are illuminated by ‘C-7 Clear Globe’ marquee lights that are embedded in the wooden signage design. The lights come with an electric cord that fits standard American home outlets.

The Electric Moon project came about when artist Joni Nickrent and her husband, Tom, were trying to figure out a fun way to brighten up a corner in their house. They eventually decided to create a star-shaped marquee light-up sign. The resulting sign was so warm and vibrant that they decided to begin making the signs on a larger scale.

In fact, the Trend Hunter team loved these vintage-inspired signs so much that we couldn’t resist getting one for our office. The custom work by The Electric Moon really shows, as the handmade fixtures truly are unique and look one-of-a-kind.