The 'Easter Bunny Hates You' Video Shows the Rabbit's True Colors

 - Apr 25, 2011
References: youtube & theawesomer
I'd advise you to take the kids out of the room before their hearts break viewing 'The Easter Bunny Hates You' video.

If 'The Easter Bunny Hates You' video teaches you anything, it's that the animal is a jerk who you should never anger or owe money. The clip depicts the so-called happy furry creature beating and pummeling different people for what I can only assume is self-gratification. Ever wonder what the bunny does with those delicious Easter eggs? It shoves it in a sock and lays the smack down on you with it, that's what. It's too bad the term "Easter Bunny" is singular; if it was plural you'd at least have the option of avoiding this jerk.

While Easter may be over, it's clear what the Easter Bunny does on the other 364 days: hunting you down and kicking your ass.