The Cloud Places a Block in its Middle

 - Dec 14, 2011
References: & mymodernmet
The Cloud is a new architectural design for a pair of residential buildings connected in the middle, with what looks like a cloud of puzzle pieces. The building is scheduled for construction in Seoul, South Korea for 2015. The Netherlands-based company, MVRDV, behind the highly anticipated project will break new ground with these two highrises: one that is 853-feet tall, while the connecting building stretches 984 feet into the sky.

The real innovation begins at the 27th floor where the bridge of jaggedly overlapping retail units, common spaces and external gardens connect the two skyscrapers for the next ten floors up. The cloud feature of the building includes "restaurants, gyms, cafes, conference rooms, gardens and a lounge area," according to, for city living at its best, and with an unprecedented view.

The Jenga-like bridge in the middle may make those afraid of heights feel uncomfortable and like the building is about to topple over, but for those who appreciate modern architecture, The Cloud will offer them the heavenly home they’ve always dreamed of.