'The Alchemist's Kitchen' Serves Botanical Elixirs and Plant-Based Food

 - Nov 27, 2017
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Though plants have always been essential to people's diets, 'The Alchemist's Kitchen' is looking to change how plant consumption effects people's lives both physically and emotionally. The downtown New York destination is a botanical dispensary and whole plant tonic bar specializing in "state-changing elixirs" that relax one's body and heighten one's senses.

The Alchemist's Kitchen's elixirs are all made of combinations of whole plants, and each elixir is designed to elicit a certain response. 'Joy Juice', for example, is made from rhodiola, St. John's wort, albizia, rose, pomegranate, carrot, and beets, and it's meant to enhance one's mood and enliven, while 'Love Potion's' mix of elderberry, catuaba, hibiscus, damiana, and non-caffeinated chai opens one's heart and doubles as an aphrodisiac. The recipes and their connected state changes are based on a combination of scientific crafting and indigenous wisdom and traditions.