The Aid Cane is a Virtual Nurse for the Elderly and the Injured

The walking stick has been a reliable prosthesis for thousands of years, beginning with its tree-branch beginnings, but given that society has entered and age in which computers occupy otherwise inanimate objects, the Aid Cane is a truly innovative application.

As far form and physical function are concerned, the slick staff is sturdy, and assumes an ergonomic shape ideal for one's hand to grasp it comfortably, even when the weight of the upper body is applied. A close look at the grip reveals a tiny screen and an audio jack, allowing the cane to communicate with its user.

Some of the invention's most incredible functions include (2) build-in sensors, (3) an LCD panel, (4 and 5) and an SOS button and control to cancel it. Designed by Egle Ugintaite, the Aid Cane keeps track of its master's vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate and temperature, and a virtual map can communicate directions to the user through a pair of headphones.